Basil Visits Hastings – Sunday 24th June


Hello everyone, I thought I would tell you about an exciting day out that I had on Sunday at the seaside in a town called Hastings. For those of you who don’t know it is a small town that resides on the south coast of England. It was a lovely day but the town and the beach were not very busy. Perhaps everyone was watching the football as England were playing in the World Cup.

It’s a pleasant little town although in the cold winter it may not be as nice. I expect all the local people like it though. As you can see the beach is more shingles than sand so perhaps that is another reason why a lot of people don’t go to this beach. As you can see from one of the photographs of me it would be very difficult to build sand castles where I was sitting. Perhaps if you were nearer to the water it might be possible. There were of course many amusements for children along the seafront so I’m sure that you will have a wonderful day there if you go. Anyway, it a lovely day out and we seem to having a very good summer this year here in the UK.

Basil Visits Hastings


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