Flowers in Richmond Park


We went to Richmond and its park on Saturday 21st of July. It was like much of the rest of the country in that it was very dry. There is a small garden there where I took this photo of an unknown bee on an unknown flower. I’m sure somebody can tell me what they are. I have learnt a lot about bees since writing “Busy Bee and the Endangered Meadow” but also learnt that there is now far more that I don’t know. I was never that big a fan of biology on my Environmental Science course as Climatology for me was always the most interesting subject. As a matter of interest I will do a bit of BBC bashing here as it seems more interested in what the Royal WAGs are wearing at Wimbledon then what is going on in the real world. I look at Al Jazeera a lot and the disastrous fires raging in our neighbour Sweden appear to be going unreported at the beeb.

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