Hunting Street Art In The East End

On Sunday the 22nd Caroline and I and our friend Nadejda went to Spitalfields Market, Brick Lane and the surrounding area. As always there was some new street art and different forms. The use of drinks cans was something that I hadn’t seen before. Of course there was the usual political graffiti pointed firmly at the inept and thoroughly nasty government of the day.

A few comments as well about how the area is slowly losing out to gentrification leading to the social cleansing of the local people. Hey but at least it will look clinically nice even if it has been culturally murdered.

As you can see a very old and original looking Porsche could be found in Brick Lane.

Yes some parts of the area do need some money spent on it but not at the cost of moving local people out and it ending up with the corporate sterility that comes with such schemes. Visit it while you can.

You are Free to Believe
What a Beautiful Smile Canned
Tonight The Streets Are Ours
The Three Brexiteers
Space Invader and Framed Figure
Porsche 1600
Gentrification Zone
Foodbank Soup
Curfew Social Cleansing
Caliph of Hate
Bacon Street E1 Panic The Pure Wrist PW1
Ancient Porsche

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