Endangered Meadow – organic cotton T-shirt

Busy Bee and the Endangered Meadow T-shirt

This is the cover artwork to my book Busy Bee and the Endangered Meadow printed onto a T-shirt but with no Scientist and Philosopher logo and just for children. It’s a brilliant illustration by Alice Wright.

We use the Teemill printing platform and therefore this is an organic cotton low environmental impact T-shirt from our Teemill shop, https://junagarh-media.teemill.com/product/busy-bee-and-the-endangered-meadow-book-artwork-with-title/. It’s available without the title, https://junagarh-media.teemill.com/product/endangered-meadow-cover-no-logo-no-title/, and also as a long sleeve T-shirt, https://junagarh-media.teemill.com/product/kids-endangered-meadow-long-sleeve-t-shirt/. There are a number of other designs available on different themes.

Check out how these products are made using organic cotton. We need to live in not just a sustainable way but one that causes the least environmental loading on the planet. You can even send these items back to be made into new things when you have finished with them.

Endangered Meadow artwork with book title T-shirt
Endangered Meadow artwork with book title T-shirt

Our Teemill produced organic cotton products are ethically, environmentally and ecologically produced. They are recyclable, sustainable, stylish, high quality fashion items.

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