Kids Endangered Meadow Long sleeve organic cotton T-shirt

Kids Endangered Meadow Long sleeve T-shirt

This is the cover artwork to my book Busy Bee and the Endangered Meadow printed onto a long sleeve T-shirt but with no Scientist and Philosopher logo and just for children. It’s a brilliant illustration by Alice Wright.

We use the Teemill printing platform and therefore this is an organic cotton low environmental impact T-shirt from our Teemill shop, It’s also available as short sleeve T-shirt and on the website there are a number of other designs available on different themes.

The Story

Bea Bee is the most resourceful, hardest working and happiest bee living in a hive located in a beautiful meadow. One day she notices a new sign on the gate and goes back to the hive to get wise old bee to come to the gate with her and read the notice as she doesn’t understand all the words. The news is bad; the sign is for a planning application to build houses all over the meadow. Bea has an idea to disguise herself as a rare or endangered species in order to protect the home of all the creatures that live in it. Can Bea’s plan and her friends from the meadow find a way to save it from being built on? The story is available in printed and ebook form from Amazon.

Kids Endangered Meadow Long sleeve T-shirt
Kids Endangered Meadow Long sleeve T-shirt

Our Teemill produced organic cotton products are ethically, environmentally and ecologically produced. They are recyclable, sustainable, stylish, high quality fashion items.

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