About us

Junagarh Media’s philosophy is that anywhere can be interesting and that many things out there are fascinating. Most of us travel past so many scenes and images every day, but because of our routines, we often cease to pay attention or even notice what we are passing by.

Junagarh Media aims at sharing beauty, passion and emotions through a variety of products such as worldwide photography, cards and children stories. Through our current range of goods we hope to connect different aspects of the beautifully diverse world we are living in.

Junagarh Media’s photography covers a wide range of countries and subjects, from a pink sunset over the Pantanal in Brazil, to a threatening sky in Wales, via decorative features on doors and walls from here and there.

Junagarh Media’s cards currently include “Photocards” that can also be framed to make an original present and “Children cards” based on illustrations of our Children Stories.

Junagarh Media’s Children Stories are aimed at youngsters (4-8) and their parents or carers. They were written with a reader and a listener in mind, hoping to encourage fun, thinking and discussion.

All Copyrights remain with Junagarh Media and the Artists.

As a business Junagarh Media aspires to be run as ethically, environmentally friendly and as fairly as possible.

Junagarh Media endeavours to use materials and processes that are least environmentally damaging.

Our cards are printed in the UK, by Abacus, using “waterless” lithography and paper made out of wood sourced from sustainable Scottish forests.

All photographs are printed either in the UK or in Europe.

All other materials are obtained from UK suppliers and distributors.