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The beauty of signs and a foreign language

We were visiting one of the palaces in Seoul back in October 2017 when I came across this sign. We should always be amused by the differences that occur when using the language of another nation. I couldn’t write, “Keep off the grass” in Korean so I suspect that my attempt would be as funny […]

Visit to Seoul October 2017

In October 2017 we visited Seoul for a short break as a friend was getting married out there. It’s an interesting country and culture. I found it a bit difficult as I don’t eat red meat and there is a lot of pork eaten there. In many cases the food is quite spicy so I […]

A Night in Paris Before Christmas

We have been very lucky this year to visit Paris just for one night while on our way to Switzerland. The Eurostar train wins hands down over trying to fly from London. We left London at 1:30 on Friday the 22nd and arrived about two and a quarter hours later. We then took the metro […]

Where it all began

We, Caroline and Paul have travelled a fair amount during the years that we have known each other and we have always taken photographs, some of which we would like to share with you. We very rarely touch up our photographs. We limit ourselves to removing dust or marks from skies but apart from that […]