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Iguazu Falls – Brazil and Argentina


If you are lucky enough to visit Iguazu Falls you will need at least two days, one day on the Argentine side and the second on the Brazilian side. Apart from the waterfalls the butterflies are amazing and so is having them drink from your wet skin. This is not the most colourful butterfly you […]

Man On A Bike – Argentina

2009_11300070 Fuji

On one of the long straight highways heading north in Argentina we overtook this man on a bike. The man had just the horizon in front of him which on a bicycle must have never seemed to get any closer. The photo was taken from the front and upstairs of a coach. Copyright Paul Andrews […]

Blue Butterfly – Iguasu Falls, Brazil


When we visited Iguasu Falls on this occasion there appeared to be far more butterflies on the Brazilian side of the waterfall. Interesting, I would not have expected the environment would be so different. Copyright Paul Andrews and Caroline Schmutz, Junagarh Media.