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Where’s Basil? – Virginia Overton’s sculpture on The Line walk, East London – Brown Bear’s Big Day Out

Basil stops at the sculpture by Virginia Overton on The Line walk in East London. It’s either called Juniper or is untitled. It was quite a windy day and he was getting blown about. Now about the story… Brown Bear’s Big Day Out is a story about a bear in a zoo that puts on […]

Where’s Basil? – Relaxing on the waterfront of Lac Leman with the Fork of Vevey in the background – Brown Bear’s Big Day Out

*** Good news – free UK postage 1st to 2nd of May on all our Teemill products including Basil T-shirts *** Those crazy Swiss have some very strange art as seen here at Vevey. Basil liked it. Brown Bear’s Big Day Out is a story about a bear in a zoo that puts on a […]

Hunting Street Art In The East End

On Sunday the 22nd Caroline and I and our friend Nadejda went to Spitalfields Market, Brick Lane and the surrounding area. As always there was some new street art and different forms. The use of drinks cans was something that I hadn’t seen before. Of course there was the usual political graffiti pointed firmly at […]

Bus Station Art – Coro, Venezuela

This is another photo that we took whilst on a round the world trip and this is the wonderfully decorated bus station in Coro. Some of the buses running didn’t look that much different to those now hanging on the outside walls. Copyright Paul Andrews and Caroline Schmutz, Junagarh Media. It is available as a […]