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The bees are searching – an illustration from Busy Bee and the Silent Spring

In Busy Bee and the Silent Spring, named after Rachel Carson’s ground breaking book, the bees of Old Oak Meadow have to try to find the source of the illness that is affecting all the creatures living there. This is the scene where Bea and four other bees go in search of what that source […]

A dizzy Bee – an illustration from Busy Bee and the Silent Spring

In this illustration from Busy Bee and the Silent Spring one of the bees starts to feel very dizzy. The story is all about Bea and her friends who live in Old Oak Meadow trying to discover why all the inhabitants of the meadow are feeling unwell. This leads them to a bad farmer who […]

Love your planet – organic cotton T-shirt

This is our first Scientist and Philospher “Love your planet” design based around a Teemill base image. It’s all about this limited planet we live on and what we are doing to it. Most individuals seem unaware of the collective effects of so many humans. Humanity has done incredible amounts of damage during this interglacial […]

Freedom of the seas design V2B – organic cotton bag

This is the second Scientist and Philosopher bag in the Freedom of the seas – Protect our oceans series. It uses a Teemill base design on an organic cotton bag so hopefully lighter environmental loading than many other materials. The seas and oceans of the world are suffering in so many ways. There’s plastic pollution […]

Science – organic cotton T-shirt V1W

An organic cotton T-shirt from our Scientist and Philosopher range. This one has “Science” spelt out in element type squares and the lettering for Scientist and Philosopher in white so that the design can be printed on dark coloured T-shirts. Sadly it seems science is still not taking first place in the decision making processes […]