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Eastbourne and Beachy Head on a Beautiful Summer’s Day

Eastbourne Pier

On Sunday the 15th of July a group of us took the train to Eastbourne to walk the Beachy Head Circular Walk. Weather wise it was the most amazing of English summer days. We couldn’t have asked for a better day. Looking back at the photographs I realise that I should have stopped and taken […]

Insane Chips, Roxburgh, New Zealand

A small town of maybe 600 people. but it does not have to be boring. This is possibly the best fish & chips sign that I have ever seen. And my favourite needless to say! Copyright Paul Andrews and Caroline Schmutz, Junagarh Media.Available as a card and an image in various sizes and formats.

Still Pink – Pantanal, Brazil

The Pantanal in Brazil is a fabulous place to take photos of sunsets like this one but also for bird watching and piranha fishing. As the sun sets though it was not quite as peaceful as it seems as we were being bitten by invisible but noisy mosquitoes! Our trip companions were busy fishing but […]