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Where’s Basil? – The sculpture of The Last Romantic, Mihai Eminescu, Vevey, Switzerland – Brown Bear’s Big Day Out

Basil’s in Switzerland visiting the sculpture of the Last Romantic, Mihai Eminescu. Brown Bear’s Big Day Out is a story about a bear in a zoo that puts on a disguise so that he can escape and visit a funfair called Dizzyland. It’s about looking at people in depth and not being afraid because they […]

Farmhouse arrest – an illustration from Busy Bee and the Silent Spring

In Busy Bee and the Silent Spring all the creatures of Old Oak Meadow are feeling unwell. Something must be making them sick. They discover that the problem is coming from a farm next door to the meadow. In this final illustration the bad farmer from the farm adjoining Old Oak Meadow has been arrested. […]

Science – organic cotton T-shirt V1W

An organic cotton T-shirt from our Scientist and Philosopher range. This one has “Science” spelt out in element type squares and the lettering for Scientist and Philosopher in white so that the design can be printed on dark coloured T-shirts. Sadly it seems science is still not taking first place in the decision making processes […]

Oh! Element of surprise – Scientist and Philosopher organic cotton T-shirt

Free UK postage 5th December on all our Teemill products An organic cotton T-shirt from our Scientist and Philosopher range with a Teemill base design with a joke about the elements. A scientific joke. Scientists are very normal people too. Based on a Teemill image. Check out how these products are made using organic cotton. […]