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To Be As Free As A Bird

Switzerland is a beautiful country and while visiting a part of the Alps one day I was able to capture this bird of prey high up in the sky. The bird is tiny in the photograph but much larger to us in real life. It’s lost in the photograph but then it has the freedom […]

Brief Existence

This photo was taken with a relatively old Fuji compact in a square in Lausanne, Switzerland and I was just very lucky on that day. The right time, place and conditions prevaled for me to capture what is both such a simple but also complex picture. It is beautiful but almost bland unless you start […]

New photo added – statue of Che Guevara

On our 2017 trip to Cuba we again stayed in Santa Clara, the city where Che Guevara’s troops defeated the army of the Batista regime in what was to be a decisive battle of the war. A highlight of a visit to Santa Clara is a trip to the Che memorial where you will find […]

Busy Bee and the Endangered Meadow new illustrations

We are currently working with Alice Wright on the new illustrations for this story. After that we will create the pdf download followed by the Amazon Kindle, tablet and phone conversions and also a CD version for PC and Mac computers.