The surgery of Doctor Bee – an illustration from Busy Bee and the Silent Spring

This is an illustration from Busy Bee and the Silent Spring. Here, Dr Bee is seen attending to various creatures from the meadow that have started to feel unwell. It’s written for the 8-12 year old reader and features a very special bee call Bea who along with the other bees and the rest of the creatures living in Old Oak Meadow have to stop a farmer using banned pesticides. I remember Rachel Carson’s amazing book and fight against the agrochemical industry the title of which is Silent Spring. I named the book in her honour.

The book was well received by the Scottish Beekeepers Association putting a copy of it along with the first book, Busy Bee and the Endangered Meadow, in their Edinburgh library. It’s available globally on different Amazon websites and here are a couple of links and

There are also T-shirts and long sleeve T-shirts available for children of the cover artwork with or without the book title, and

Silent Spring cover with book title kids organic cotton T-shirt

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